PsychologyToday.com reports that bad behaviors, especially those that pertain to spending, are among the ten primary reasons that relationships break up. This is the first installment of three blogs on finances. I chose this subject because it has come up a few times this week in my therapy practice.

    The best way to get a handle on your finances is to have a budget and then execute that budget. It doesn’t help to plan the work of fiscal responsibility, if you aren’t going to work the plan.

    Typically, a plan should include the total income and the total expenses subtracted from each other to create an overall zero balance. I blew off the dust from this one-month budget from years gone-by.

    Savings, investing and charity are 10% each of the total income.

    ​You can set this up in Excel.

    If you can get a handle on your finances, you will have one less reason for your relationship to break-up.