This week in counseling, I am treating half of my clients for adult anxiety. Anxiety is the result of unrealistic worry that upsets our thoughts, feelings, physiology, and behavior. I want to address thoughts here.

    Some have said that life is only 10% what happens to us and 90% what we tell ourselves about the other 10%. The 90% is self-talk. It can either be positive or negative. The self-talk that causes anxiety is the negative kind. For example, negative self-talk can take the form of, “I tried that before and I can’t do it.” Positive self-talk would be, “This didn’t work the last time I tried it, but I will give it another try. Who knows?” One of the treatments for negative self-talk is to

    (1) realize what that negative self-talk is (done best by speaking those thoughts down on paper),

    (2) finding the lie behind it,

    (3) determining what the actual truth is, and

    ​(4) replacing the truth with the lie in the form of positive self-talk.

    You will experience at least some relief from anxiety with positive self-talk. After all, we are Americans, not Americant’s.